mardi 20 juillet 2010

Cydia on iPhone 4

There is a few days I published two images showing the current jailbreak on an iPhone 4 with the tool " FreeRain ". Here is today a new image showing the application cydia on the springboard of the iPhone 4 of Enz00 (second developers of FreeRain)

FreeRain should not any more delay...

6 commentaires:

  1. salut, j'espere que tout cela est vrai et que vous sortirez le JB avant la dev team, histoire de montrer que chez nous aussi ya des talents ^^ mais si tout cela est faut , c'est vraiment dommage ...

  2. Hello, it is not false we want to take(bring) out the jailbreak before all the world. On the other hand if the DevTeam takes(brings) out the jailbreak before us, there will be no tool of our part (for the moment):)


  3. peut-être mais bon si vous dites que c'est vrai et que vous ne le sortez pas ... c'est pas sympa

  4. It is true but for our first appearance on the scene(stage) of the jailbreak we want to make things correctly! I have already said in the previous comments " FreeRain " will be available as quickly as possible. But if DevTeam bring out their tools front, FreeRain will not be available on the plublic big.

    The jailbreak advances however there are quite a lot of bugs corrected on the software.